Document Management Systems

Document management systems can be defined as the set of programs that allows the user to keep a record of the documents being produced in the system. It helps store information like: who created the document and at what time. This recording can also be done in the form that the user can also have the Images of the documents being created.

Basically, Document management systems are meant for providing complete control over the various e-documents created in the system like spread sheets, graphics and word processing documents etc. They are known as Electronic Document Management Systems.

This is one system that facilitates the user to:

  1. Retrieve: DMS allows the user to retrieve the e-documents from any remote computer thus, allowing the user to keep a complete record of the documents being created.

  2. Share: In an organization, all type of documents that are being created can also be required for sharing amongst other users, this can be done using DMS.

  3. Track: All the documents that are being created in the network require, that their track record is maintained. A DMS allows the user to keep a track of the document as to when the document was created and by whom.

  4. Distribute: Distribution of the e-documents in the network is important for any organization so, through DMS the userhas the ability to distribute to other members in the network.

  5. Provide security: The idea of document sharing is very interesting but it still accounts for restricted access i.e. the user has the ability to make a particular document shared only with a set of certain preffered people using the DMS.

  6. Storage & Integration: A DMS allows the user to create or modify the document from any remote system without having to leave the current application thus, reducing the inconvenience being caused.

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