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How do I tell you my requirements?

To describe your requirements click on the request for quote option, this will allow you to fill your classified requirements and contact details, just fill that form & our team of experts will be on standby to assist you.

It simply, depends upon the kind of requirements you have. For eg. if you wish to perform online transactions like; buying and selling of goods, you need e-commerce solution or in case you want a showy and flashy solution then Flash solutions are ideal for you.


Why do people say flash is not a search engine friendly solution?

No doubts about it that Flash is not a search engine friendly solution, but still like every thing comes with a price Flash has the advantage of being the most interactive tool for alluring clients.

The main reason for this unfriendly nature of Flash is that, it does not carry the kind of content that a search engine can identify. But recently Google is said to have started considering content of flash sites as well but it still is a time-consuming process.


An e-commerce website has the ability to provide you with a virtual desktop and tools that allow you to carry all sorts of transactions like buying and selling. Apart from the virtual office advantage, it allows you a reach that is not confined to any particular region rather it gives you a platform of displaying products world-wide basis.

E-commerce website designed by our team of experts is not just user friendly, but it also allows the operator of the site to use all features to the fullest thus, reaping the fullest benefits without the constraint of being not a technically sound person.

Corporate Identity

Yes, we offer packages of every service but for corporate identity we have the following combinations.

  • Flyers + Business Stationary
  • Logos + Business Stationary
  • Flyers + Logos
  • Logos + Catalogue


What technique suits me?

The kind of technique that suits you depends on what kind of results you desire. For eg. if you are looking for top results in leading search engines which are not paid then, you need to wait and use techniques like SEO, Copywriting, Link building etc. But, if at all you are looking for some paid options i.e. you are ready to spend any amount without testing your patience then PPC is the right option.

SEO is one technique that will definitely get you the highest ranks in leading search engines, but always remember that every thing comes with a price to pay and for SEO all that is needed is patience and all that matters is content. So, from our side we request you keep patience as the results might take 6 months or even more.


Profitably diversified features of Outsourcing to Tamarind Web Solutions include:

  • Quality Web development and SEO services by skilled professionals
  • Work done under guidance of experts
  • Reduced costs: Roughly 50 percent of existing costs
  • No infrastructural investment
  • No tensions of recruitment of competent professionals
  • Highly skilled, world-class developers and engineers
  • No turn away of work (shortage of professionals)
  • Save costs can be invested in other key activities like marketing
  • Easy to manage (Reports over emails)
  • Any time status check (chat messengers, email, or over phone)

Apart from the above mentioned features our most attractive feature is the cost benefit and work force advantage.

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