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  • Making a website doesn’t ensure that it will automatically get noticed in the leading search engines like MSN, Yahoo, Google, Alta Vista etc.  

    "One may wonder the role of search engines in the concept of online advertising."

    But it is a hard core fact that maximum traffic or visitors to a website get redirected only via Search engines. Another particular related to this Search engine theory is that higher you rank more is the no. of hits or visitors you get.

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    By utilizing the mechanisms of internet marketing any website can achieve higher rankings in search engines. At Tamarind Web Solutions we make every possible effort so, that your website actually gets noticed and you receive just the right kind of traffic.


    The different techniques which are utilized in the process of internet marketing involve:

    • Pay Per Click Campaign/Sponsored Links/Google Ad Words: The easiest way of achieving higher rankings is buying that place.

    • Banner Ads: Banners of the organization are placed on leading websites, these are generally referred to Banner Ads. They serve the purpose of hoardings and banners as in print media.

    • E-mail Marketing: The act of advertising via e-mails is often termed as E-mail Marketing. In this technique the E-mails serve the purpose of pamphlets as in case of print media.

    • Search Engine Marketing/Search engine Optimisation (Optimization): Optimization is one strategy of achieving higher rankings in leading search engines by using the following three mechanisms:

      • Link Building: Exchange of links between two website. It is of further two types:

        1. Inbound linking
        2. Outbound Linking

      • Copy Writing: Modifying the content of website in a manner that it contains max. no. of Key words.

      • Keyword Analysis: Inclusion of Key words in Meta Tags.

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