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PHP is a server-side scripting language for creating dynamic Web pages. You create pages with PHP and HTML. When a visitor opens the page, the server processes the PHP commands and then sends the results to the visitor's browser, just as with ASP or ColdFusion. Unlike ASP or ColdFusion, however, PHP is Open Source and cross-platform. PHP runs on Windows NT and many Unix versions, and it can be built as an Apache module and as a binary that can run as a CGI. When built as an Apache module, PHP is especially lightweight and speedy. Without any process creation overhead, it can return results quickly, but it doesn't require the tuning of mod_perl to keep your server's memory image small.

In addition to manipulating the content of your pages, PHP can also send HTTP headers. You can set cookies, manage authentication, and redirect users. It offers excellent connectivity to many databases (and ODBC), and integration with various external libraries that let you do everything from generating PDF documents to parsing XML.

Benefits of Web services:

If sharing of data is allowed between operating systems and hardware platforms Web services can be advantageous in the following manner-:

  1. Allows easy connections with partners hence, providing opportunity of business expansion
  2. Reduces the development time and saves money.
  3. Delivers more personalized, integrated and memorable experiences to customers using innovative and latest devices.
  4. Enabling web services availability to others thus, earning more and more revenues.

Our skilled php professionals have the ability to solve any sort of business problems. Their skill of bridging environments of business and technology gives them a cutting edge over other professionals. They have skills of generating technical specifications, test plans, security plans, physical, logical, conceptual designs for a business solution, gathering and analyzing information for designing that solution.


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