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"The Right Product + The Ability To Make The Sale + Good Site Design
+ Good Web Hosting + Good Sales Copy + Web Promotion."

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  • Website promotion is the strategy of bringing more visitors i.e. more traffic to website thus, brightening the opportunities for business worldwide. Different techniques employed for doing so include: content development, Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO), and search engine submission.

    A frequently asked question is "How can increased traffic help increase business? " well let's just say "This is what initiates the reaction".

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    Increased traffic means greater exposure, more hits, expanded clientele, more sales, greater profits, and an immediate return on your investment - your internet marketing investment will continue to pay off in new customer acquisitions with impressive results! Are you getting your fair share of search engine traffic? More than 625 million searches are conducted online every day!

    Our research figures say that these are the most popular phrases that people actually search for in real time: Internet Marketing, Search Engine Listing, Search Engine Placement, Search Engine Positioning, Search Engine Ranking, Search Engine Registration, Search Engine Submission, Website Promotion, Website Submission and Search Engine Optimization.

    If you are wondering why your website is not the cash cow you hoped it would be, a search engine marketing strategy can put you back on track.

     It is common practice for Internet users to not click through pages and pages of search results, so where a site ranks in a search is essential for directing more traffic toward the site. If you aren't within the Top 30 search results, your site won't be found!

    ***Do not miss the opportunity of promoting your business globally.
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    For your website let us know your TOP Priority Keywords so that we can start working on them. It will help you to promote and get orders for your business all over the world & is the best way of promoting the business worldwide.

    At Tamarind Web Solutions, we offer you more than just interactive design service, we offer you integrated marketing solutions -- solutions that combine the latest in new communications media with more "traditional" marketing tools and techniques thus, ensuring that you get the traffic you deserve and even more.

    A comprehensive approach is followed to understand your goals, competitive environment, and existing marketing programs -- and how you can use cutting-edge online communications to enhance your positioning and brand identity. All search engines have certain criteria for indexing and ranking websites. The more criteria a webpage meets, the higher is its search engine ranking. Web Marketing specialists at Tamarind Web Solutions analyze the customer’s homepage and prepare detailed reports on the ‘search engine friendliness’ of the site, recommending the changes and adjustments necessary to boost the website’s ranking.

    The Internet Marketing Division of Tamarind Web Solutions provides popularity by registering with leading search engines and then, tracking the response to the website. With over a billion WebPages vying for attention, website marketing tactics are crucial. Its affordable search engine positioning packages can get a website the top rankings and traffic it deserves. Tamarind Web Solutions works with the customer to develop a complete website marketing strategy which helps build viewer trust and loyalty and find affordable online advertising opportunities.

    Tamarind Web Solutions also has maintenance plans, designed to retain the ranking obtained during the initial web marketing contract. This is necessary because of changing search engine algorithms as well as the efforts of competitive websites. Tamarind Web Solutions’s website promotion methods have been thoroughly researched and tested and are proven means of adding and retaining the viewer’s eyeballs on a particular website.
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Search engine optimization refers to techniques used to achieve high rankings in search results of search engines for keywords and phrases that are appropriate to a website's content and purpose.

    Millions of Internet users turn to search engines each day. Are they finding you?

    Are you still relying on your designer for your SEO Services? A LOT of web design firms out there happily take your money to build a web site , but how many know how to get your web site traffic?... VERY FEW! We Build Pages specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO Services).

    If you're targeting any competitive market, you need the services of a specialist who knows how to get your site great Search Engine Positioning. Designing web sites and marketing those web sites are two separate and totally different fields. Many people don't understand that. Web sites are not ranked based on looks. If they were this page would be #1 for everything.

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